“I worked with Bob for three years. Besides being a business broker, he’s a very savvy business consultant who helped me get my troubled business back on track.”

Organic Food Grower

“Thank you, Bob Heger, for saving our marriage! Thank you for the many hours of effort on your part to sell our business—I don’t think this would have happened without your help.”

Michael L.

“Bob is seasoned and a savvy problem-solver. Today I am a happy owner of a successful small business, and I am grateful to Bob Heger for helping me find the business that is right for me.”

Jerry D.

“Bob worked with me to buy my business. When it came to finding and leasing a space, I knew I was out of my league. Bob helped me negotiate my lease, and he got me a great deal.”

Steve G.

“Bob’s help with tough and complex issues proved to be invaluable and produced the best possible results for me and my struggling business.”

John M.


Maybe you have talked with some business brokers already, maybe not yet – but talking to a business broker is an important first step in selling or buying a business. Check out this video to learn some of the reasons why it is smart to work with a business broker!

You need to find the right broker – brokers have different communication styles, specialized experience, strengths. It helps to really connect with the broker who is going to guide you through the process because buying or selling a business is one of the biggest deals in life for most people. That’s why we offer a consultation at no cost so we learn a bit about each other and figure out if our skills are the best fit for your needs.

Here is what you can expect when we talk:

We will ask about you, your business, your plans for the future. You don’t need to prepare for the conversation – the questions will be general in nature. If you are selling a business we would like to know about how much you make each year. We won’t be able to tell you what your business is worth during our call – that requires deeper financial analysis. If you are buying we would have questions about your income requirements and investment available.

You can ask us questions too. If we become your business brokers and represent the sale of your business, we charge 12% of the sale (with a $12,000 minimum) on a contingent basis. If we don’t sell your business, we don’t get paid anything for all the work we do to prepare and market your business. We also represent buyers under a similar contingent arrangement and credit the buyer for any compensation we receive from the seller’s agent. There are some situations when contingent representation is not the best solution, and in those instances sometimes we act as consultants on an hourly fee basis. For some businesses we recommend a formal opinion of value which we prepare on a fee basis. During our conversation we will figure out what arrangements may be best for you.

You can rest assured that our talk will not be a sales pitch.

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