“I worked with Bob for three years. Besides being a business broker, he’s a very savvy business consultant who helped me get my troubled business back on track.”

Organic Food Grower

“Thank you, Bob Heger, for saving our marriage! Thank you for the many hours of effort on your part to sell our business—I don’t think this would have happened without your help.”

Michael L.

“Bob is seasoned and a savvy problem-solver. Today I am a happy owner of a successful small business, and I am grateful to Bob Heger for helping me find the business that is right for me.”

Jerry D.

“Bob worked with me to buy my business. When it came to finding and leasing a space, I knew I was out of my league. Bob helped me negotiate my lease, and he got me a great deal.”

Steve G.

“Bob’s help with tough and complex issues proved to be invaluable and produced the best possible results for me and my struggling business.”

John M.

Increase Business Value

Does a business have to be GREAT in order to be valuable? No, but a great business is more valuable than an average business. Besides, owning a great business is more satisfying and presents more opportunities than owning an ordinary business.

What makes a business GREAT? We think the most important driver is determination to be the best! Determination demonstrated by ambition, execution, inspiration and focus permeating the organization at all levels will differentiate products and services offered, produce financial results, and positively affect all relationships.

Learn 12 ways to make your business more valuable by downloading BizReady’s One Dozen Value Drivers See Value Drivers doc (#5). Every month we explore these 12 drivers in our newsletter. BizReady offers consulting services to its clients to assess areas that can be improved and customize a program to maximize the value of the business and prepare it for ultimate sale.

Increase Value with BizReady!

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